Mercury Filling Removal

What is Safe Mercury Removal?

Are your old fillings loose or worn down? Even though a well-bonded filling can last for years, it may need to eventually be replaced to prevent cavities from reoccurring. Since traditional fillings are most often made of amalgam (silver containing mercury), it may be time to have them taken out by a dentist due to potentially harmful side effects.

What Is The Purpose Of Mercury Filling Removal?

The mercury found in amalgam fillings can be toxic, potentially causing further health issues, especially if a damaged filling begins to leak.

If you are going to have your amalgam fillings taken out due to damage or wear, it’s important that the procedure is done by a professional dentist. Without proper care, removing amalgam fillings may release harmful mercury-infused vapors.

Once we remove your old filling, we can replace it with one that’s mercury-free. These modern composite-resin fillings are virtually invisible and much safer.

Benefits Of Replacing A Mercury Filling

  • Eliminating Risk of Toxicity
  • Restores Tooth Function
  • Protects Overall Health
  • Prevents Dental Decay
  • Looks Natural

Looking For Mercury Filling Removal In Hendersonville, Nc?

At Black Bear Dental, we want to give our patients the very best – from friendly and professional service to the best and safest treatments. We use the latest technology and the most effective techniques.

If you have an old amalgam filling you’d like removed and replaced with a mercury-free option, we have you covered. Contact Our Helpful Team in Hendersonville today to schedule your appointment. We can’t wait to help you improve your oral health and overall wellbeing.

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